insertion day (12/9/08)

February 8, 2009

First time here? WELCOME! Even though the post is dated 12/9/08, it’s actually 2015 and this blog is continually updated with new comments/conversations.

I had the Mirena removed in December of 2009, almost 1 year to the day after having it inserted. >>read about the removal here<< This blog starts with the insertion, however, since that is where it all began.

You’ll find this site to be an honest, gunky, and exact representation of what the Mirena experience was like for me, with comments from other women who also have the Mirena.

THE MIRENA DIARIES definitely borders on the TMI tip, but if you’re here, you’re probably looking for answers. Hopefully you’ll find some in these posts.

Warning: There are horrific and heartbreaking stories in the comments (as well as positive experiences), so please keep that in mind as you read through, especially if you suspect that the Mirena is causing issues in your own life. (I’m pretty sure I would’ve freaked out if I’d found this site while experiencing what I did.)

Please also keep in mind that this is a support site, NOT a medical site. You’ll see comments throughout the posts by people claiming to be doctors. This site has NO medical affiliation, so all “advice” offered here should be treated as opinions only. 



4:45 PM – I was told three times that I’d “feel a pinch.” What I think she meant was, “feel me use a nail clipper on your uterus.”

4:47 PM – “Oh wait, the IUD didn’t go in.” WTF…keep that to yourself and let’s get a move on.

4:48 PM – She handed me two metal-looking strings with blood on them and asked if I wanted to hold them. I declined. Again, WTF? I didn’t give birth to the bloody strings, so why would I want to hold them?

4:49 PM – She handed me a pad and was on her way. I was definitely too cramped to say much, and had a strange case of jelly-legs, but the shocking pain was gone.

5:30 PM – Home. Cramping dissipated, legs worked properly.

I was extremely exhausted all night, but I think it was due to the stress of TWO shrieking and squirming in her stroller while the whole thing went down.

so then what happened? go to DAY 1 >>>


happy Mirena thoughts (not mine, obviously)

February 15, 2012

I recently posted some Mirena thoughts on my other blog, Bad Mommy Moments, and quite a few women responded with positive feedback on their Mirena experience. I’ve thought I’d compile their feedback here, along with other pro-Mirena comments I’ve received over the years. (I’ll continue adding to it as I glean through old posts, or receive new happy Mirena stories, even though they’re obviously not mine.)

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I have had the mirena in since 2010 and actually love it. No strange symptoms except that I had my period for 3 weeks straight after insertion. My doctors considered it normal since I took a BC pill that kept my period away for almost two years. I also only get my period every 6 weeks. Two of my friends also have a mirena and they love it too. We have often chatted about strange side effects and they also have none.

Just thought I should share a positive experience, because not sometimes the mirena can be the right choice. Every woman is different!

-Jen D.

•                    •                    •

CK, I found your blog nearly 2 1/2 years ago when I searched for Mirena side effects, and I have been a dedicated reader ever since.

I got my Mirena inserted 6 weeks after the birth of my third child (10/20/08). And for the first 6 months I had wierd side effects. I got shooting pinching pains radiating from my uterus all the way down my right leg. And these pains would come and go much like contractions. But, regardless of how many times I called my OBGYN they said that it was NOT from the Mirena. And, because I have Sciatic nerve damage from my second pregnancy I kind of assumed that was what was causing the pains.

Then as these pains gradually got worse over the course of 3 months I realized that if i put pressure on my lower abdomen the pains would go away. So I KNEW it was the Mirena. I went into the Doc and had them check it, and everything looked good. And after 9 months of NO period, I was not ready to give up that freedom and get rid of it yet.

I stuck it out, and that is when I found your blog. I was looking for people with similar experiences of pains, and I saw your “horror” story. I was so tempted to go have mine taken out right then and there, but then I realized that I had the least horrible symptom out of them all. And I got the benefit of no period. So again, I stuck it out. After 1 year I got horrible cramping pains, and I went in to see my GYN again, and they said that because my uterus is tilted there would always be some discomfort. But I was still not quite ready to give up.

And, 3 years and 4 months later I am so glad that I stuck it out. I havent had a period since my youngest daughter was born, and I dont have to worry about pregnancy. And even though occassionally (like once a month around the time I should have a period) I get cramps, which rarely turn into that radiating ache down my leg, I consider myself to be basically symptom free.

The only issue I have now is that I am experiencing very high anxiety about the removal in just under 2 years. I have heard that after having the IUD for such a long length of time, there is such extreme bleeding. In one story I read, the girl said that she had to be admitted to the hospital because her bleeding was deemed to be on the dangerous side of blood loss.


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Love my Mirena…NOW…insertion was awful…male MD said, “hey this is an easy in and out deal”. OOOHHH the desire to do REALLY BAD things to him are almost uncontrollable when I see him at parties…Oh yea, will be hog tying my husband and bringing him to MD to get clipped…This or he can go on his own. He has 2.5 years before this thing expires


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I gotta say, I love mine. No periods anymore. Bliss.

Missy Angryinanapron

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Okay. I love, love, LOVE my Mirena. Except that I just hit the 5 year mark and technically it needs to be replaced. And that part I didn’t love…

Faemom, where were you when I had this done? I made the same mistake as badmommymoments and figured I’d birthed four children — how bad could it be?! When I mentioned to the nice lady nurse that she was kinda sorta killing me she asked if I had read the pamphlet. Ummm no. She then told me there would be some discomfort. There’s that code word again….

Anyway BM (before Mirena) I had wicked cramps, regular periods, and bitchiness. AM I am all but period free, COMPLETELY free of cramps, and mostly free of bitchiness. The remaining bitchiness is not attributable to PMS or IUD’s :)

I could be a spokesperson for this contraption. I LOVE it!

-Kathy B!

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Had the Mirean installed 6 days ago and my 2 year long period, yes 2 year long period stopped the very next day!!!!!!I still have some of the Hippo-Vera (depo) left in me untill Feb 2012 so that mgiht be why I have stopped. 9 mo on the hippo Vera didnt do anything but put 10 lbs on me. A little cramping but livable. I see that I am an exception so wanted to share that good things ( thus far) can happen. We will see once the other hormones run out? Nothing was as bad as the little pill i had to take the night before. Cramps and bleeding like i have never ever had. No warning of that kind of pain. never given birth and am 40.


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Perhaps some good news on the horizon – I had my Mirena inserted in 10/08 – no ill effects, only the pain of a local anesthetic being shot into my cervix – HELLO!

Anyway – During the first two months I had exactly 7 days each month of no bleeding/gunk. Then month three I got 14 days, then back to 12 during month 4 – during all of this my period was coming regularly with no change. Then month five – cue the angels – my period was three days VERY light then gone – then a couple of days of spotting around day 14 (ovulation). Month 6 – no period at all – nothing – nada! then started light spotting at day 14 which has now been six days out of the last 8. Clearly things are getting better and I have three friends that have the Mirena and swear by it – claim they are period free – a total non-event. I keep holding onto the hope. Good luck.


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i also have the mirena 5yr iud. it did really good after my first pregancy for the fist 3 yrs and then the leg cramps and feet cramps came back. i had to have it removed and had my 2nd child. after my second was born we i chose the mirena again and haven’t had any problems yet and almost going on 2 yrs again. i find it’s comfortable and the dr i had was actually a midwife and understood the female body better than the male doctors. it took less than a minute to put it in and say ok here ya go see ya next year.


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**I would like to emphasize that this is a support site, NOT a medical site, and any “advice” expressed here–including comments left by people claiming to be doctors–should be treated as opinions ONLY. **


two months Mirena-free

February 8, 2010

…and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in myself. The depression not only lifted, but I feel great. I’m happy. I had no idea just how unhappy I was until the Mirena was gone. My periods are on a normal schedule and the cramping isn’t bad at all. I don’t even have PMS! (Or, at least that’s what I think.)

As for birth control, my husband stepped up to the plate and had a vasectomy. This wound up being emotional for me, which I wrote about here —> Lucky Number THREE, but luckily (and more importantly) it wasn’t painful for him. As in, it was a 4-percocet recovery. The interesting thing about the ol’ snip-snip was that we were advised to use protection for the first 20-30 times we had sex, until they could be sure he was sterile.

Again, I can’t emphasize how happy I am to be rid of the Mirena. I know it works for some women, but I’m just not one of them. Sure I’m still bummed that I sunk $600 cash for it in the first place, and then lost a years worth of emotions to it and was probably a crap mom/wife during that time, but it feels AMAZING to be back.


**I would like to emphasize that this is a support site, NOT a medical site, and any “advice” expressed here–including comments left by people claiming to be doctors–should be treated as opinions ONLY. **


1 year and I had it removed

December 30, 2009

Towards the end of November I realized that I was depressed. It came on slow, so it took me a while to put things into perspective. At first I was sad around the time of my period. Then it stretched into the week before. And then it was the week before and after. Finally I was in an emotional pit for two months. A lot of staring, wanting to stay in bed and a wicked temper.

I knew that depression was usually either hormonal or situational. Current feelings aside, I was very happy situationally. That left hormonally. I’d never done well with other birth control (pills, ring, patch) as they always depleted my sex drive, but I’d never responded with depression. So I went through my blog, reading over the last year and figured it was the freakin’ Mirena.

So, short story long I decided to have the Mirena removed. My Doctor tried to talk me out of it, seeing as how it was super effective and had four years left on it. He pointed out that research hadn’t proved that the Mirena caused depression. I thanked him and told him I’d take my chances.

While the insertion was painful, the removal was completely painless. It literally went like this:

DOCTOR: Cough.

ME: (cough)

DOCTOR: Okay, done.

He told me I’d have a period in 28 days. But by 28 days he must have meant the next day, because I woke up with cramps and the heaviest flow I’ve ever experienced.

But the depression lifted almost immediately. 6 weeks and 2 periods later and it still hasn’t returned.  I’ll take it.

Dear Mirena – thanks for not letting me get pregnant. Of course, that might have been because I spent the first six months bleeding and the next six depressed. It’s hard to say…


**I would like to emphasize that this is a support site, NOT a medical site, and any “advice” expressed here–including comments left by people claiming to be doctors–should be treated as opinions ONLY. **


month 7

August 2, 2009


Something good to report without any caveats.

Month number seven came and went. No cramps. No crazy emotions. No depression. No pains. Nothing. The bleeding, while it extended 8 or 9 days, was so light that I really only needed a light pad. And frankly, I was so happy about not being depressed that I didn’t care how long it lasted.

Yay for month number 7!


**I would like to emphasize that this is a support site, NOT a medical site, and any “advice” expressed here–including comments left by people claiming to be doctors–should be treated as opinions ONLY. **


months 4-6

June 17, 2009

The last three months have been pretty predictable.

No more random bleeding or gunkiness.

No pain or discomfort; I can’t feel it at all. (My husband can’t either.)

No menstrual cramping. This is a big deal because I used to have to take arthritis medication for cramps. Now- nothing.

The period itself, with a super-duper light flow, lasts 6-7 days.

The only downside is that for a few days before and after the start of my period I am completely depressed. I hate it. I’ve never dealt with PMS before this, so it’s taken the last six months to get used to such a hormonal drop. It’s really hard. Especially since I have the two kids to deal with.

But it’s just the two kids.

I’m not pregnant.

And for right now, that’s good enough.


**I would like to emphasize that this is a support site, NOT a medical site, and any “advice” expressed here–including comments left by people claiming to be doctors–should be treated as opinions ONLY. **


month 3 – vodka, tomato juice and a lemon

March 19, 2009


The good news is that I didn’t bleed the entire month, I’d say it was closer to 1.5 weeks on, 2.5 weeks off. This was nice for many reasons, most importantly because I was sick of being called, “Bloody Mary.”

With that much (consecutive) time period-less, I felt it was time to take the Mirena for a spin.

The spin was very short and led directly to the bad news.

My husband could feel the strings, which he was convinced would decapitate him.

F-ing Mirena.

So I made my follow-up appointment with the plan to have the strings cut.

TWO (my one-year-old) and I made it to the office early, which turned out to be the last good thing to happen until we left.

They made us wait an hour. AN HOUR. Most of which, for me, was spent clutching a paper gown behind my back and trying to keep my kid from playing with the pap smear tools.

She had great fun with this:


and this:


Which was just wrong on so many levels.

But I could only get her off of it so many times before she kicked my gown to shreds. By the time the doctor entered the room it looked like I was wearing a grass skirt.

From that point things just kind of skidded out of control.

The doctor said the bleeding could go on for six months, but chances were that after that I wouldn’t get a period for the next 4.5 years. Right. He also said that cutting the strings would make it harder to remove the Mirena. Before I could give that any consideration…

TWO started to wail. WAIL. The nurse handed her graham crackers, but TWO wanted me. The doctor became very uncomfortable and started to twitch while he pulled out the scissors.

DOCTOR: Nurse? Why can’t you quiet her? Don’t you have grandchildren?

NURSE: My son is 13.

DOCTOR: Can’t you hold her or something?

ME: Hello?

The doctor cut the strings…and handed one to me. Uhh…

The doctor “dropped” the other string and then said, “Oh, I lost a string in your vagina. Nurse?”

The nurse abandoned TWO, who almost flipped the umbrella stroller forward in her attempt to walk towards me. The nurse pushed the (very warm) light so close to my skin that I was afraid to breathe.

The doctor dug around for a little while and finally said, Oh well, it’ll fall out eventually.

Then he wrote me a perscription for a SECOND birth control in case the bleeding from the Mirena didn’t stop.

Because more hormones would be a GREAT idea. Just ask my family three days before my period when I flip from staring at the wall to crying to being suspicious to yelling.

On a good note, because there is one, is that heading into month 4 my period lasted less than one week. 5 days and it’s GONE.

So maybe he was right. Which is easier to believe now that he’s no longer twitching and pointing scissors where scissors don’t belong…


**I would like to emphasize that this is a support site, NOT a medical site, and any “advice” expressed here–including comments left by people claiming to be doctors–should be treated as opinions ONLY. **


month 2 anniversary – you’ve got a friend

February 9, 2009

So the pharmaceuticals behind Mirena decided to buy the rights to Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend” for their spring campaign.

And even though she’s a legendary singer/songwriter, she’s never had the pleasure of the Mirena. So I’ve decided to submit my personal expertise for lyrical consideration. (I’ve even included some storyboard ideas.)

Picture a woman on a swing, in the air on a Ferris wheel, and running down the beach chasing a dog. You know, big smile, hair whipping around her no-breakout face. Realistically portraying the whole Mirena experience.

Cue: Chorus (as sung by the Mirena)

You in-sert me in-side
And you know wherever you are
You’ll be bleed-ing, everything that you’ve got
Winter, fall, summer or spring
You may never feel a thing
‘Cause you’ll be avoided
‘Cause you’ll be a biiiitch.

* * *

So let’s just say that after yet another call to the doctor’s they FINALLY told me that I might bleed for three cycles before things level out.

WHY couldn’t they tell me this before? Good question.

My guess is that they tell you the best case side effects only. And then ease you into the truth on a need-to-know basis. I wonder how many women don’t need to know…

In the meantime, I think I got my second period. I mean, it’s hard to tell. But like last month, other than an increase in bleeding and some ill-placed zits, there was zero cramping. Zero pain. Which was nice.

And the least they could do…

•          •          •

**I would like to emphasize that this is a support site, NOT a medical site, and any “advice” expressed here–including comments left by people claiming to be doctors–should be treated as opinions ONLY. **


week 8 (2/2/09)

February 8, 2009

One of the things I love about WordPress is that they tell you what terms people use that brings them to your blog.

For instance, I usually get hits for “Mirena” or “United Health Care coverage for Mirena” or “Mirena stories.”

Today I got a hit for “infested vagina.” Someone actually typed “infested vagina” into Google and got linked to my site.

I guess it’s fair.

Infested seems like a good word.

Because in the 56 days since I got the Mirena, I’ve only had 5 without blood or gunk.


I’m calling the doctor again.

I mean, I’m not in pain. I’m not suffering any other side effects. They said this would happen for a few weeks. But I’m not convinced 56 days = “a few.”

•          •          •

**I would like to emphasize that this is a support site, NOT a medical site, and any “advice” expressed here–including comments left by people claiming to be doctors–should be treated as opinions ONLY. **


week 6 (1/22/09)

February 8, 2009


…for someone else.

A friend of mine has had the Mirena for two months and quote, “So far Ms. Mirena has been pretty good to me.  But in all fairness I’m still nursing so I think I may have cheated a little bit.  I get an occasional surprise but nothing like what you’ve had.”

No, I don’t think it’s the nursing. Nor do I think she got a placebo. Some bodies like this thing, and others SUCK.

I’m not hatin’ on her, I swear. I’m glad that she and the two other women who love this thing share their good stories because it’s important to know that stuff too.

Me, on the other hand…I have come to realize that I had the Mirena-cycle backwards.  Had I known this was how it would go, I could have saved myself hours of complaining and general pissed-off-ness.

I had 4+ weeks of bleeding (and/or gunk in the trunk), 1 week of beautiful nothingness and then got my period again.


So perhaps this is how Mirena will keep me from bearing another child. It will slowly bleed me out.

AND, during my Week of Nothingness I realized that I have inherited a, how you say, DRYLANDS? Parched and thirsty nether regions. Just like in the movies.


There is a positive, though.

(Really, there is.)

My latest period actually sneaked up on me without ANY cramping or period-like indicator at all. (And I used to have to take arthritis medication for the severity of my cramps.)


I will carry on.

But still…

•          •          •

**I would like to emphasize that this is a support site, NOT a medical site, and any “advice” expressed here–including comments left by people claiming to be doctors–should be treated as opinions ONLY. **


month 1 anniversary (1/10/09)

February 8, 2009

We’ve, like, totally been together now for a whole month. It’s almost my longest relationship with birth control EVER. Okay, that’s kind of a lie, but we’ve been through a lot already and it feels that way.

So, GOOD NEWS! Yesterday, exactly one month after insertion the bleeding FINALLY stopped. And it’s stopped for two days now, so I’ve decided to believe that it’s done. Until a period. But that’s fine.

Overall, the month was draining. And I’ll admit this here (and only here because this part of my blog is only visited by people interested in the Mirena) the best way to describe the way this last month felt was the way Stephanie Meyer alludes to the inner workings of a newborn vampire. Hormones are entirely out of control, emotions are bi-polar and blood is everywhere. I often felt like I was going crazy and had zero control. All of that, but no hot vampires. (And FYI – I’m now reading “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez as penance for consuming all of the vampire books in one week’s time.)

But the last week was good. I feel back to myself and now that the bleeding has stopped I feel kind of normal. And most important, I have a wonderful peace because I’m not worrying about pregnancy. Which was really important to my mental well being.

•          •          •

**I would like to emphasize that this is a support site, NOT a medical site, and any “advice” expressed here–including comments left by people claiming to be doctors–should be treated as opinions ONLY. **